Thank You for Donating to the Scholarship Fund!

Thanks to donors like you, the Trinity Valley Bee Club-Youth Scholarship Program can provide beekeeping scholarships for local youth.

Thank you for your recent generous gift to the Youth Scholarship Program.Your commitment to helping local youth discover the joys of beekeeping is appreciated by those who wish to promote the industry, the mentors who help them and, most importantly, by those who benefit from our scholarships, the scholarship recipients.

Your donation will be used to purchase a start-up beekeeping kit, protective gear, nucleus hive and class registration for each of our scholarship youth. They are eager for the new equipment so that they can start learning and doing as soon as possible.

We invite you to join us a few minutes early before any TV Bee Club monthly meeting to chat with the youth we serve with the help of your generosity.

Again, thank you for all you do for our organization.


Ginger Cole
Scholarship Committee Chairperson

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