Outreach Training Workshop: How To Talk To Kids About Bees

Just prior to the January membership meeting at 6:00 PM in the Point Theater on C.C. Young Campus, TVBA member Ryan Giesecke will be conducting a free workshop designed to provide adults with some tips on how to teach kids about bees.

Every year we get more requests for educational bee presentations from schools, summer camps, scout groups, and other youth-related non-profits in our community. We hope as we head into 2017 that our members will join us in trying to keep up with the demand for knowledgeable presentations to our younger generation on bees, beekeeping, pollination, and pollinator decline.

This workshop is designed to enable even a beginner beekeeper to feel at ease in teaching children about the importance of these little pollinators. Knowing how to teach our younger generation about bees is a great way to lead towards a more bee-friendly society and may be the single most long-term beneficial action we can take to help our bees.

Please join us in getting equipped to make a difference; you’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn in the process.

This workshop is open and free to members and non-members alike. Spread the word.

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