March Meeting: UPDATED: Common Mistakes Beekeepers Make

Tuesday, March 14, 2017, 7:00-9:00pm Q&A starts at 6:45
The Point at C. C. Young
4847 W Lawther Dr, Dallas TX

UPDATE: Our originally scheduled speaker, Becky Bender, had to reschedule. This month we are fortunate to have Stan Key speaking to us about hive management and some common mistakes made by both new and experienced beekeepers.

Stan Key is a native Texan and has been a beekeeper since 1977. Besides keeping his own bees and selling honey, Stan began his own equipment company serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He is a frequent speaker to Bee Associations in Texas, has written several articles, and speaks at schools and to other community groups each year. Besides selling honey and equipment, Stan is a bee broker/dealer, a consultant, teaches about bees and beekeeping, and mentors adults and youth in Texas. He is the past President and current Program Director of Metro Beekeepers Association ( in Fort Worth.

In addition to our main presentation, we will have our “Bee Plant of the Month” and our monthly “In the Hive”. We will also be voting on proposed ammendments to our association bylaws.

Our 6pm “Trophallaxis in the Theater” class this month is free, presented by sponsors of and members of our own board. This class will be to educate attendees on the recently filed House Bill 1293 on beekeeping, explain why the TVBA board believes this bill is very detrimental to Texas bees and beekeepers, allow you to form your own opinion, and then provide information on how to make your voice heard on this topic. The board is unanimously opposed to House Bill 1293 as written, and we do sincerely hope you will join us vocally in our opposition to this bill.

Theater class starts at 6pm, Q&A starts at 6:45, and the meeting officially starts at 7:00pm. Our meetings are always free and open to the public. Feel free to attend even if you don’t know anything about beekeeping–it’s a great chance to meet people and see what it’s all about!

The Point at C.C. Young Campus
4847 W. Lawther Drive, Dallas, TX

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