Texas House Bill 1293: A Threat to Texas Beekeeping

March’s “Trophallaxis in the Theater” presentation before our general meeting is free, and will be presented by some of the local sponsors of SaveTexasBeekeepers.org.

Beekeepers from across the state, including some members of the TVBA board, are coming together to address issues with a new bill (HB 1293) that has been filed this session that proposes changes to Chapter 131 of the Texas Agriculture Code governing beekeeping in Texas.

A few of the problematic changes proposed:
-registration that was traditionally a one-time optional event will become fee-based, annual, and mandatory for many beekeepers
-Texas Apiary Inspection Service is granted jurisdiction over our native bee species, including the power to declare them unwanted and subject to destruction
-state inspections are now made mandatory for most bee producers
-Pest tolerance to pass inspections is dropped to zero, even for commonplace pests like mites and small hive beetles

This class will talk about the pro’s and con’s of 1293, let you know how to make your voice heard on this topic, and update you on what progress is being made towards constructively amending this bill.

The beekeepers behind SaveTexasBeekeepers.org admit that Chapter 131 is in need of change, but believe that H.B. 1293, as initially filed, is a significant step backwards.

This presentation will be held March 14 at 6 pm, prior to our regular monthly meeting, in the small auditorium right next to the room where our meeting is held, in the Point at C.  C. Young.

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