April News and Announcements

New Committee

The TVBA board is pleased to report that we have formed a new committee to work on getting incorporation for the club. Bruce Bonnett, our current secretary, will serve as chair of the committee. Stay tuned for details on our progress.

Volunteer Opportunities

We have several upcoming opportunities to spend time with your fellow TVBA members, educate the public, and have fun!

  • BeeWeaver bee pick up day at Trinity Haymarket, April 22. Several volunteers are needed to help check in customers, load nucs and packages, and promote TVBA.
  • Native Plants and Prairies Day at Bath House Cultural Center, White Rock Lake, May 6. Volunteers needed to man our booth, chatting about bees and letting people know about the club.
  • Cub Scout presentation, date TBD between June 12 and 15. Volunteer needed to present information about bees and beekeeping to Cub Scouts.

To volunteer for any of these events or to serve on a TV Bees committee, contact Ryan at ryan@tvbees.org

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