May Meeting: Urban Biologist Brett Johnson + Alternative Honey Harvesting

Tuesday, May 9, 2017
Theater class starts at 6 pm, Q&A starts at 6:45 pm, and main meeting runs from 7-9 pm.

The Point at C C Young (map)

For our May meeting we have Urban Biologist Brett Johnson coming to speak to us. Brett is responsible for leading a natural resource management plan for the Dallas Park and Recreation Department, some key components of which include: implementing a feral hog trapping program to reduce feral hog damage on parks properties, getting a restoration program in place for the unique blackland prairie remnants at White Rock Lake, and increasing pollinator conservation areas around the city. Brett will be talking about how some of these city programs affect local beekeepers, particularly with regards to pollinator areas and mosquito abatement efforts.

In addition to our main presentation, we will have our “Bee Plant of the Month” and our monthly “In the Hive” segments. We also have an open-ended Q&A session so you can ask an experienced beekeeper for advice in an informal setting.

Before the main meeting begins, we will host a bonus session in the small theater next to the main auditorium. This month’s “Trophallaxis in the Theater” class on honey harvesting is free, and will be presented by TV Bees member and past president Bob Richie. Did you know you can put together a functional honey harvest setup for $20? Bob will be talking us through how simple honey harvesting can be, in both topbar and Langstroth scenarios, even with minimal equipment. If you haven’t harvested before, then this class is a must.

Theater class starts at 6pm, Q&A starts at 6:45, and the meeting officially starts at 7:00pm. Our meetings are always free and open to the public. Feel free to attend even if you don’t know anything about beekeeping–it’s a great chance to meet people and see what it’s all about!

The Point at C.C. Young Campus
4847 W. Lawther Drive, Dallas, TX

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