Mentor a Scholarship Student

Thank you for your interest in becoming a TVBA Youth Scholarship Program Mentor
The following are guidelines and specific tasks required of a mentor:scholarship-logo


  • Be available for questions, comments and concerns from your student
  • Help your student learn how to keep bees and develop beekeeping skills through hands-on time in the hive together
  • Provide encouragement and constructive feedback
  • Monthly: check their progress on their record book/presentation
  • We encourage you to attend the beekeeping classes with your student. This would bee at no cost to you.  It is a perk of serving as a mentor.

During the Year

  • In February or March oversee student’s construction of hive equipment
  • Make sure his/her protective gear fits well and reasonably protects them from bee stings
  • Help them mix syrup for feeding the bees
  • In April help your student install his/her bees from a nucleus hive into the hive body he/she built
  • A week to ten days after the bees are installed, check the hive together to make sure all is well with the bees
  • In May check hive with the student to evaluate honey flow and add supers when needed
  • Assist with extracting honey in late June or July
  • Make sure he/she provides a honey sample for the TVBA August or September honey tasting
  • Guide your student in his/her research presentation for the September meeting
  • Be available to go with your student to serve at the Texas State Fair Honey Booth
  • Help student with fall hive feeding and winter hive preparation
  • Encourage others to apply for the next year’s Scholarship Program
Mentors will be chosen after the scholarship recipients are decided. We try to connect a mentor and student that live near each other.
If this is something you would like to do, please contact the scholarship committee by filling out the form below and clicking on the “Submit” button.